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Monday, June 16th, 2008
8:36 am
Links and lowdown!
So, I'm cribbing from the Seasons setup and providing a basic rundown of What Needs to Happen, at least in plot-centric areas. I'm assuming y'all have somewhat familiarized yourselves with the basic details; if you have any questions, feel free to either ping me (SeraFurikku) or email me (furikku at gmail). Or I guess POST HERE. That works, too.

Monsters are free for all to NPC; human(-looking) NPCs are not.

(ETA: Here are maps of the main building areas, if anyone wants them. Don't worry too much about the red markings; I'm changing a few things around for streamlining's sake.)

(ETA2: Oh yeah, since it might matter to someone, Silent Hill, Maine, is now Silent Hill, Arkansas.)

Here are all the locations currently available, for your RPing pleasure:

Old Silent Hill

Midwich Elementary School (Nightmare Version [only accessible through regular school])

Central Silent Hill
Streets (Nightmare Version)

Alchemilla Hospital (Nightmare Version [only accessible through regular hospital])

South Park
Nightmare Waterworks [only accessible in the Nightmare]
Nightmare Amusement Park [only accessible via waterworks]

The street posts are there for anyone who wants to have happy monster-hunting funtime without worrying TOO much about floundering around in the plot. (Though if you want both, there are plot things to be done, anyway.) The specific locations are there for Plot, which is why they have MAJOR DAMN WRITEUPS about what people need to do.

More locations will open up as Plot happens and the story progresses. If there's someplace written up in the info post that's not on here but you want to play in, let me know and we'll see what we can set up.

Enjoy, kiddies!
Friday, June 13th, 2008
5:51 pm
[Monsters: Nurses, doctors, clawfingers, roaches, and shadow versions of faceless children that are tougher and harder to see. Also, end boss at the end.]

[The location is a long hallway, pretty much exactly like the hallways from the nightmare version of Alchemilla Hospital, lined with doors that lead to various rooms, many of which are not hospital-related at all. At the far end is a locked door with a set of five locks with strange inscriptions on them. (Once this door is unlocked, please wait for me to describe the next room.)]

-Wander the hell around and get stuff. There are two locked doors- one at the very end of the hall, one beyond- that need unlocking, with two sets of keys. The keys to the second door are obtainable before the first door is unlocked.

-If anyone bothered to keep the videotape from Alchemilla Hospital, there's a TV and VCR in one room that can play it.

-The first door's keys are in these places:
--key marked "OPHIEL": An empty hospital bathroom with a faucet in the center. The key is wedged into the faucet's opening.
--key marked "HAGITH": The front room of Green Lion Antiques. The key is one of the hands on the face of the grandfather clock.
--key marked "PHALEG": An empty classroom with a birdcage on a desk in the center. The key is in the birdcage.
--key marked "BETHOR": The hospital basement storage room. The key is in a bag of jellybeans on one shelf.
--key marked "ARATRON": A hospital patient room. There's a hole in the wall; the key is connected to live wires.

-The second door's "keys" are in these places:
--Amulet of Solomon: An amulet hanging on the wall of the hospital morgue. [Leaving the morgue will trigger an event for anyone who's talked to Lisa. If you have, please wait for me.]
--Crest of Mercury: A caduceus in a display case in the Green Lion Antique Shop.
--Dagger of Melchior: A dagger embedded in a fridge in the hospital kitchen. Removing it causes a tentacled beast to reach out and try to drag people in with it.
--Disc of Ouroboros: [This is a sortof NPC event, so I'll need to be involved for the description.]
--Ankh: [This is a sortof NPC event, so I'll need to be involved for the description.]

-The second door will lead to a house's hallway. [And another sortof NPC event that I'll have to describe.]

-After that is the big climactic scene where everything all comes together and it's all terribly exciting and oh God it will be insane to try to do all this. Anyway, after MORE FREAKING NPC EVENTS, there will be a grand fight and then the good guys win woo and yay.

-Hopefully someone will be grabbing Alessa and getting her out because I want to play her. Taken care of, woo!


There's a catwalk over endless darkness, ending at an elevator.

Down is the only way to go.
5:41 pm
Lakeside Amusement Park
[Monsters: Faceless children, ghost babies]

-wander a bit, then find the merry-go-round (stripped of horses but still turning) and fight possessed Cybil.

It's the dark skeleton of an amusement park. Concession stands lie empty, food rotting in its place. The rides are still; some parts have fallen to the grated floor, rusted and useless. But in the distance, softly, merry, lilting music plays, with an undertone of clickety-clacking machinery.
5:24 pm
Waterworks (Nightmare World)
[Monsters: More roaches, clawfingers, and mantises.]

-Pretty much just wandering through the sewers to get to the other end. As characters progress, the area seems to be falling apart, with gaping holes in the walls and floor and loud bangs. At one point, the only way across is walking over a bridge made of a corpse tied up with straps and barbed wire. The end is a ladder leading up from the water, surrounded by half-submerged parts of carousel horses.]

The waterworks here seem more colorful than usual, in that "bright colors mean I'm poison" sort of way. Long stone tunnels, punctuated by gibbets displaying life-sized statues in strange cloaks, lead to grated catwalks over murky water. The strange occult symbol is everywhere- burnt on the walls, twisted into the grating- and everything is in disrepair.
5:03 pm
South Park (Foggy World)
-Fight shit! There are apelike dudes, pterodactyls, and dogs all over in the "daylight;" when it goes darker there are also wormheads to mess with. There are also lots of quaint little touristy spots and lakeside areas to explore/loot.
-NPCs! There's an unpleasant and brusque hospital director who is likely to shoot at people, a cop who STILL doesn't know what the fuck, and a really crazy old lady!
-Subplot! There's an undercover drug operation based in this area, and there are places to explore this. Let me know if you want to do that.
-Main Plot! There's brief exposition plus hijinks in the dock area!]

The gentle sloshing of the lake floats softly through the fog, so quietly you can almost hear the gentle fall of the snowflakes. Old-fashioned buildings, tree-lined streets, scenic overlooks, campground, and even a little park with a fountain clutter the small area. It'd be peaceful, except for the mysterious lack of anyone.
4:11 pm
Alchemilla Hospital (Nightmare Side)
[Monsters: Nurses, Doctors]

-There are a series of tiles to collect to open a door.
-In room 302, there's a TV set and VCR that both seem to function (though the TV doesn't pick up anything but static), as well as a chair, which holds a square yellow tile with a picture of the Cheshire Cat on it.
-On the second floor, in the nurse's center, there's a green tile with the Mad Hatter on it.
-In the kitchen, there's a blue tile with the mock turtle on it, sitting in a tureen.
-On the ground floor, the characters will find a locked door with a 3x3 arrangement of squares. The corner ones are missing; the remaining outside squares are white, orange, purple, and black. There's a passage written beside the door [to be pasted in at that point] giving a hint. The missing spots are large enough to fit the tiles. A key hangs from the center square, with "Basement Storeroom" on the tag.
-There's a movable cabinet against the wall with obvious scrape marks on the floor. It reveals a door to a smaller storeroom. Inside that room is a vine-covered grate over some stairs leading to a second basement. Once the vines are removed, characters can descend.
-Inside the second basement are a series of unused patient rooms and scattered gurneys. On top of one gurney, there's an unmarked video casette. There's one patient room that looks recently used- there's a bed with the impression of a figure still on it, a life-support machine next to it, and a chair. On top of the machine is a photograph of a little girl with the name "Alessa" on it. The chair bears the final tile, a red tile with the Queen of Hearts.
-If the characters try the videotape on the VCR, it'll show something static-ridden. [I'll paste in the scene.]
-Unlocking the tile door leads to an encounter with an important NPC.]

The hospital is a lot less antiseptic than it was earlier. The walls are coated in red-brown smears, and some of the tiles have been ripped away, leaving expanses of grating. The windows that aren't boarded over peer out into thick darkness.

The stairs up to the fourth floor seem to have left while nobody was looking, leaving only a blank wall.
3:57 pm
Alchemilla Hospital (Foggy Side)
[Monsters: Dogs (outside); nothing inside]

-When the characters enter, they hear the sound of gunfire from the Examination Room. If they investigate, they'll meet the hospital director, who will be unpleasant at them and then leave.
-From the hallway, the sound of breaking glass, in the Director's office. It's a mess inside, books and papers strewn all over. One book on the desk, if inspected, will give information on a plant with hallucinogenic properties [I'll paste in the entry if it's needed]. Behind the desk, a broken jar of a strange red liquid will be found.
-There's not much else; characters should check the elevator, which will show buttons for the basement and three floors. After some more exploration (there's a morgue with bodies on stretchers and a generator in the basement; the upper floors aren't accessible outside of a small room just outside the elevator with a locked door to the rest of the floor), when they check the elevator again, a fourth floor will be added. This will lead to a set of messy, blood-spattered hallways, lined with jammed doors. The way back to the elevator will be locked behind the characters.]

The building is old, though repeatedly renovated, with whitewashed exterior and sturdy brick walls. "Alchemilla Hospital" reads the sign above the entrance.

The interior is simple, but professional-looking, with marbled green tile, clean white walls, and helpful posters. Padded leather benches offer a seat to visitors, and a dark-varnished wooden counter separates the office from the lobby. A set of doors at the end of the room separates it from the hospital proper.
3:47 pm
Central Silent Hill (Nightmare Side)
[Tasks- Fight shit! The Town Center (a minimall) is open and full of giant larvae that'll eat people! (There's also a set of TVs in the entryway that will be hijacked and display creepy shit. Let me know if you want anything specific there.) And those not interested in mallcrawling won't feel left out- there's a giant poisonous moth flying around the city, and boy is she itching to devour your flesh! This, along with the wormheaded dogs and pterodactyls, and the apelike dudes!]

It's dark now. The snow is gone; now, thick, warm drops of rain splatter onto the rusted metal that's replaced the asphalt of the streets. Gaping holes, edged by twisted metal, stick out here and there, blocking off some areas. Below, only endless darkness stretches. Barbed wire, rusted and bloody, stretches in front of most of the shops- nobody gets in, nobody gets out. In courtyards, huge machines or windmills stretch through the floor, purpose unknowable.
3:37 pm
Central Silent Hill (Foggy Side)
-Monster fighting! There are skinless dogs, pterodactyl things, and apelike dudes in abundance, and all sorts of stores to explore/loot.
-NPCs! If you want to talk to one, let me know. There's a policewoman around, though she doesn't know what the fuck, and a crazy woman who may know what the fuck, but hell if anyone can tell!
-Subplot! There's a police station with notes about the local drug trade. [I'll paste 'em in if your character wants to read them.] Also, ammo.]

Empty stores stretch for blocks, the fog and snow the only patrons. Whatever happened to all the people here, it looks like most of them had time to close up shop before diasppearing- gates are down, doors locked. Wide chasms cut through some of the streets, impossibly deep gouges in the earth. The city is dead.
3:12 pm
Old Silent Hill
-Monster fighting! There are skinless dogs and pterodactyl things in abundance, and all sorts of little shops and houses to explore/loot.
-NPCs! If you want to talk to one, let me know. There's the Main Character guy, and also a policewoman. Neither know what the fuck, but they could be fun? :D
-Optional Plot A! The Balkan Church has a crazy woman in it who is somehow involved in this mess. Let her talk crazy things to you!
-Optional Plot B! There's an alleyway with a few sheets of paper in a child's handwriting: "Levin Street," "Dog House," and "to School." There is, indeed, a doghouse on Levin Street that'll let characters through to the otherwise-inaccessible street that has the school building. (Or you can just go post in that thread anyway.)]

It's a quaint little town, the sort you'd find in New England. Unsurprisingly, there seems to be nothing in the way of population, human or otherwise. Surprisingly, it doesn't look like it's really been hit hard, overall- most of the buildings, trees, and cars lining the road are intact, except for the occasional uncrossable chasm. It's as though every human and animal in town just decided to leave suddenly.

Fog billows through the streets, allowing weak light to illuminate the town. And, despite the mild temperature, a constant snowfall drifts down from the sky, landing only to melt on the grass and pavement.
2:36 pm
Midwich Elementary School (Nightmare World)
[Monsters: Faceless children, ghost babies, a few roaches]

[Tasks: Wander around inside. The walls and floors are now made of chain link and grating, and covered with blood and similar organic goo. Chains hang from the ceilings, and in several places, strange cloaked statues are displayed in inaccessible rectangular gibbets. The exit doors in the lobby are replaced by a giant set of sharp-bladed fans- trying to get out would result in slicing and dicing.
-There's a pair of the cloaked statues inside the school office, flanking a strange door with no handle. It does, however, have a slot in the center, and a conveniently slot-sized card on the ground in front of it. This door leads to the rest of the school; all the others are jammed or blocked.
-In the first floor girls' bathroom, the sound of a child sobbing breaks out. There are no children to be found inside.
-Upon exiting that bathroom, the characters find themselves on another floor. Reentering will put them in a different bathroom. This time, the stall door opens to reveal a decayed corpse, strung up with medical equipment. "Leonard Rhine- the Monster Lurks" is written on the wall behind it in blood.
-There's a classroom with only a table full of telephones and scattered cards. One telephone may ring and lead to an NPC conversation.
-The library has shelves stocked with religious-looking books. One shelf has a book of fairy tales, open to a relevant page [which I'll put in when the time comes]. Another, more out of the way, has less-relevant but vaguely interesting info [which I'll also put in].
-Depending on how things go and player preference, there may be an NPC encounter and boss fight.]

It's the courtyard again. The snow has turned to a steady, warm rain, and there's something "off" about the whole place- the building looks more distressed, the hedges thornier. The sharp smell of burning bites the nose.

In the concrete in the center, a mysterious occult symbol has been burned.
2:20 pm
Midwich Elementary School (Foggy World)
[Monsters: Faceless children]

-Look around the normal school a bit. One classroom has a desk with the words "THIEF," "DROP DEAD," and "GO HOME" carved into the top. There's a letter in the teacher's desk of that classroom that can be read. [I'll paste it in for y'all if it comes up.] While characters are exploring, the outside will suddenly grow dark.
-Go to the courtyard and check the clocktower there. The face reads 5:00, and there's a small door at the foot. Enter it. I'll post further descriptions when that happens.]

An aged brick building- two stories, flat-roofed, with a hedged walkway and a pleasant-looking lawn. The sign in front reads "Midwich Elementary School."

The double wooden doors in front lead to a pleasant lobby, with wooden parquet floors, benches, and a table bearing brochures. Beyond that lies the hallway proper, lined with pastel lockers and the usual public service posters.
12:16 pm
Wednesday, March 26th, 2008
8:50 am
Friday, November 3rd, 2006
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Thursday, June 1st, 2006
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Tuesday, May 30th, 2006
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Thursday, May 11th, 2006
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Monday, April 24th, 2006
3:31 pm
Flies and worms swarm around the blood-crusted walls and floor.
Chains drape the area, rust and more organic things clinging to them.
Bodies hang suspended in shadows, mutilated, dessicated.
Screams and sobs and flame all around, twisted metal for the floor, and darkness beneath.

But the nightmare is at rest now, claws retracted, its horror no longer reaching out to engulf the world around it.

A girl walks through it, pale and still affected by the terrors, but clearly familiar, almost confident in it.

This is home, after all.

She looks to the lake, and the charred shell of an old house half-submerged in it.
Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
1:51 pm
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