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Alessa Gillespie

Living Nightmares

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Alessa has two usual forms. The first is a heavily burned and bandaged girl in a wheelchair; the second is an intact girl in a blue jumper. She's around fourteen years old in both forms.

The second version, being a projection, is intangible, though fully visible and capable of interaction with objects; she may give the illusion of touch if she's not caught unawares. The first version is Very Icky, what with constant bleeding and pus-oozing.

Alessa Gillespie has the happy combination of strong, uncontrolled psychic powers and a horrible backstory, which means that she's leaking crazy vibes all over. Psychics will want to stay the hell away. (Please ping me- SeraFurikku- if you're interested in inflicting this on your pup, you horrible sadist you.)

Alessa Gillespie is from the insanely awesome Silent Hill series, and is the property of Konami. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. At all.